Last Time Party!

hey heroes!
I'm so sorry for the long wait but we've finally got the Last Time Party organised.

When: 28th January, 5:00pm  


Where: Plaza

Server: Milky waves

This party shouldn't go any more than an hour!

I'm putting a site below for you to convert to your local time, please have an adult help with this as it can be confusing!

Heres an example of converting AEDT to Los Angeles Time- 
I really hope that we can get as many people as we can to come, so spread the word heroes!


SHU Memories

Hey space heroes, Superkid here for one of the last posts to be posted before SHU closes.
I have decided to talk about memories of this amazing virtual world.
When I first started playing SHU on the 3rd of March 2012 it was just like any other virtual world to me but back then I didn't know how much of an impact it would have on me. My blogging carrier began when one day on SHU when I first met the famous blogger- Batman (from SHU Extra). I was so exited to finally meet one of the famous bloggers. Batman then told me to meet him on the old SHU Extra chat and on that chat we planned our own blog-Space Heroes Galaxy which like Extra closed down. Not too long after that I started climbing the blogger ladder and becoming more and more popular and blogging on more blogs like Extra, Fansite and Little Space Cheats. Unfortunately it seems like that exiting journey is has come to an end.
The best part of the Journey was meeting all of you Space Heroes, regular Players and bloggers alike and the secret chats we bloggers used to have on Skype.
I would like to name a few of the amazing people out there who helped me along the way: Adrian, Batman, Chocolate, Cozza, Guy, Lillia, Lol, Justice Girl, Super Ann and many many more.
Now that I am done rambling about my memories... 

Tell me in the comments bellow what your favorite SHU memories are and they will be featured in a future post!

Until next time

Happy New Year 2015!

Happy new year guys Pro here and say a big warm welcome to 2015! I got some awesome images to show you of the amazing fireworks lastnight

Those are the awesome images. Anyway have a restful 2015 stay safe. Thats the end of my post so ill see you guys later PEACE!

Goodbye Virtual World, Hello Mobile games!

Hey space heroes, it's Superkid here. It's been ages since I last posted on this blog. As you probably know from the many goodbye posts bellow, SHU is closing but that doesn't mean the end for the SHU franchise. Here is a quote from the official Bubble Gum Interactive website:
"For this reason we’ll be closing the game on 29th January 2015, however the Space Heroes Universe brand will continue on and we look forward to sharing exciting news about new mobile iterations in the future."
I'll be writing a post very soon about SHU memories. What kind of games do you think we can expect?
See you all soon!


HEY HEROES, Justice Girl here! :)

First of all, I want to thank EVERYONE for such wonderful years of fun, experience, and Space Hero memories, because it has made a lasting impact for us. Space Heroes Universe is a huge part of my life, and I'm definitely lucky to have discovered this game...

When I first joined Space Heroes, previously known as Little Space Heroes, I quickly made many friends including Lillia, Chocolate, Super Ann, Fizz, Lol, and other main players and fans that have all grown up in this game. We should all celebrate by partying one last time before Space Heroes Universe's shutdown!

We're hoping to host the party sometime in JANUARY, so stay tuned for more information and schedule! :)

Secondly, I want to wish everybody a-

and a 

Icon made by Justice Girl
Peace out and stay strong, heroes! :D
~Justice Girl, the partier


Hey guys what is going on Protoman here from SHU. Got some pretty bad news; Well... apparently Shu is closing down because lots of players are leaving and some many hackers amazing right guys (not) I personally think it's for the best anyway because the game isn't much FUN as it used to be. So im not really sure if I should stay on this blog or not, well there isnt really a point staying on it when we mainly are only allowed to post about SHU which is closing down. Hopefully ill get in touch with Lillia and talk about it.

Anyway peace out guys and ill see you later Bye!