Another Invisibility Glitch!

Hey guys, Protoman here,
When I was walking around the plaza today I saw a really strange glitch.. it was a hero walking around with half their suit on. I posted this glitch before. This might still be a hacker hacking in the moderators system and doing this to their hero. Here  are the images.
So heroes, did you ever see a glitch like this? Comment below!
-Justice cameron/Protoman

Glitchin' Like a Pro!

YO HEROES! Justice here :D
As space hero Justice Claw's birthday party hit SHU today, yet another AWESOME glitch was born!
When I went on his pad, THIS has been discovered!

One of the non-member party heroes in Justice Claw's party, Blade Xander was mimicking my moves and member-only emoticons! :D How cool is THAT? This only seemed to work on Justice Claw's pad for some reason, but it was a wicked awesome glitch!
There are so many epic glitches happening on Space Heroes Universe. Do you think the moderators would fix it soon?


Celebrating over 1k people being Moon Dogs!

Us in our secret hideout!


I am SO BRIGHTENED UP TODAY! Ace's squad Moon Dogs has reached an amazing achievement! Me, Athena and Justice Boy were convincing people to join our SQUAD! So I was thinking since this is such a popular blog MODERATORS might be viewing it! So all we got to do is inform the mods about this AMAZING achievement and.. They could host a HUGE party! So anyone may ask to copy the image above. But you MUST ask me! So I would like everyone to help me out here for this party to be hosted so please:


Thanks Heroes!


Lightspeed Plutonium Being VERY rude

Hey Heroes

This guy really let Me, Justice Cameron and Athena be in tears. He was being extremely rude and was cyber bullying us which is not a good position to be in! He was saying to me Slug and greeny. I very clearly made a post about that which you can read again here:

He made us very upset and I did contact the moderators and hopefully this cyber bullying issue will be solved.

To Lightspeed Plutonium,

There is a specific rule going around the world the rule is treat others the way you want to be treated. Let me say one thing I posted this one both blogs. and and now loads of people will be starting to avoid you.

Face the consequences!

So heroes please stay away from this hero!



HEY Y'ALL Justice Girl here with another EXCITING NEWS!

Today when I went online SHU I recognized some fabulous new Hairstyles were out! (and these are hairstyles for only the girls and the aliens, BUT I think the boy's ones are out too)

Here are the new hairstyles:

What kind of hair would you like on you? :-)
-Justice Girl

New Party - My Birthday in real life

Hey heroes!

As the title says YES! I am having a party on SHU! I am very excited to see all you heroes coming the details of the party are:

Time:  2:30pm United Kingdom Time ( I can calculate the time for you if you need me to )

Server: Milky Waves

Where? The Plaza, The Coast , Dive spot and then my pad

When? This Saturday!

I am looking forward to meeting you all! I hope this party is a success and LOADS of people come!