Spooktacular HEROween Party... Scares SHU!

     Whatzup heroes, Justice here!
It's about to go spooky... so LET THE DEAD RISE!
Today I decided to check out what's up on SHU and was spookified to see witches flooding the homeworld! Let the Heroween Spooktacular Party BEGIN! :D

To heroes who never experienced this party, check it out! You can collect different Balloons from minigames, hide behind a grave and say 'RIP (your friend's name)', munch on the treats you manage to find, or admire the garish scene around you! There are many possibilities!

 I have been hearing many heroes ask about Heroween Clothing in the Hero Mart, but unfortunately there has been no sign of new costumes. If you can keep your eyes peeled, that could be helpful!

See ya'll next time for more! Happy Heroween to all!

Galactic Fun Fair Party... ON NOW!!

    YO YO SPACE HEROES Justice here! :D
Guess what?! GREAT NEWS!! As some of you might have known, the official Galactic Fun Fair Party hit SHU just hours ago! Credit to Auro Kris for telling us heroes this :P
So I went online and GET THIS! The whole plaza was FILLED with absolute awesomeness! Here are some pics:

Awesome, right? When you log on SHU you will be welcomed by confetti!
You can see that the smiley face with a huge crown has come back...
Here's the dunk play structure! You can blast the target above to activate this!
Another play structure - the waterslide!

Unfortunately, the G.T.N. stayed the same and as well as the clothing catalog from Hero Mart. Sorry newspaper and clothing lovers! :P
Unfortunately, the Galactic Times Newspaper still stayed the same...

So how do you all feel? Excited all right! Go on SHU and check out the details and get a taste of what's up! :D 
Note that I won't be much active until next year because I've just started middle school :/ and they've already given us tons of sophisticated homework! :(

Anyways, I'll see ya guys on Space Heroes! ;)
~Justice Girl 

New Space Heroes Email (40% Off Memberships!)

HEY GUYS Justice here! :)

Today the Space Heroes Team has sent everybody who registered on Space Heroes an email about you guys' memberships -- Last chance to save 40% on Space Heroes Memberships, get  a whopping 20,000 coins, AND obtain this RARE PURPLE PUP! :D Wicked right?! Check it out here:

So space heroes... What are you waiting for? GET YOUR MEMBERSHIPS NOW! :D 

Party on heroes, and don't forget, the birthday party is only 2 hours away! Click HERE to read about the post :D 

~Justice Girl

FREE Kritterz for All Heroes!

Heya heroes :D
Here to let y'all know that there's an AWESOME change to the Kritter catalog in Space Heroes Universe... and both non-members and members are going to LOVE it!! (SHOUTOUT to Denise -aka Emma Emerald- for telling me about it! You rock!) So, I'm just gonna show you guys:

If you can see that lil red square in the right-hand corner, then you'll discover that unicorn kritterz are FREE! Basically, this is like a 100% off sale :D However, I'm not sure if this is a glitch or not so I'm not sure how long it'll last xD Non-members and members, get yourselves some white unicorn kritterz fast! Till next time heroes! ~Lillia

Obtain your own Exclusive Rare Items!

Hey  everyone, Lillia here :D
I'm sure that lots of you have been seeing wicked outfits and hairstyles around SHU, that aren't in the catalogs! Well, I can confirm that the way to get these awesome items is through Space Heroes Trading Cards! These are basically awesome cards you can use to battle with your friends, and they come with a special promo-code that give you exclusive items like these:

You can currently get these trading cards in stores like the News-Agents (and more stores soon!)
Click HERE to check out what the cards look like :) That's not all! Have you guys seen the new log-out message?
Basically, if you get TWO packs of Space Heroes Trading cards, fill out this forum and you get another FREE with another exclusive promo-code attached! Tell us in the comments what free items you guys love most! ~Lillia :D

Upcoming Parties... ABOUT TO HIT SHU?!

Hey Party Heroes Justice here!
As I've heard from Lol, the Space Heroes staff, members and mods have been thinking of upcoming parties coming soon leading up to the Christmas Party! :D Awesome right?!

Last August's Secret Agent Party:

Then there's the Fashion Party from last year on September:

After that, there's the Halloween party which hit SHU on October:

Christmas Party was the last Party for 2013:

What do you heroes think? What Party do you think the mods will host for us?
Comment your favorite parties! :D

-Justice Girl