Exclusive ACE and KIRA Plush Toys + Promocode

Hey heroes, Lillia here :)
We just got some AMAZING news that you guys can purchase your own Space Heroes Characters online! I was surfing the official Space Heroes Twitter page when I found this:
Yup, that's right! You can purchase one of these RIGHT NOW at www.spaceheroes.taymai.com! They even come with promo-codes that give you guys in-game goodies! So what are you heroes waiting for? Get one of these hero-tastic plush toys now :D And remember to use the code 'FREESHIP2014' when purchasing for free shipping- a limited time offer!
Till next time heroes! ~Lillia

Another FAKE MOD!

Hey guys! Today, When I logged into SHU I was walking around the Plaza and saw Takion Aisha threating heroes! I was absolutely shocked! But she could not see me as I was from a far distant and I did see loads of heroes vanishing when they didn't give their login! Maybe, this could be the same hacker who went into Batman's account! These fake moderators can suspend us for NO reason! I absolutely doubt that this was a joke and this was a REAL moderator! So please stay smart online!

Stay Safe Heroes!

Hey heroes Lillia here! Just letting you all know that moderators cannot actually suspend you through their heroes, and so if this person had actually gotten their hands on a moderator hero, they are unable to suspend anyone, give people purple jackets, or do anything to anyone's heroes. The only way they can actually do this is through the coding in their system, which only the REAL moderators have access to. So don't stress about threats like this guys! If they threaten to ban you, or offer you a purple jacket, do NOT fall for it. If you've given your login away, or thinking about it, I think you guys should check out this post HERE. XD Thankz heroes!

Hacker Alert!!!

Hey everyone, Brandon here. When I logged into SHU I saw Batman the Moderator and he said "Everyone give your login to me for a Purple Jacket!!!" Now, Moderators give out purple jackets when people have worked hard and earned it!! They don't even need to ask heroes for their login because the moderators are the one who created the game so of course they'd be able to access your hero through their system. Also, it's against the rules to share your login. If you give people your account, they could

- Suspend you for NO REASON which is totally wrong and unfair!
- Break into your account and do many bad things like spending your money, deleting your friends, etc.
 Please all of you 'Stay Smart Online'! If you want to earn a REAL purple jacket, click HERE to find out how.
Wish I could see you heroes on SHU! ~Brandon

URGENT POST: To prevent getting hacked, read this!

Hey everyone, Lillia here :D
Sorry I haven't been posting in SOO long, I've been extremely busy with school but it's the holidays so I have heaps of spare time on my hands XD I just want to talk to you all about the insane amount of hacking that's been happening for a while now, to MANY, MANY heroes. I want to let you know that they accessed heroes through a simple glitch, and that they don't even need the password. Only the username. After this I hope you've learnt how important it is to keep ALL your details private! Even your username!
Click the image below on tips to prevent this happening again!
If your hero has been hacked, and you've lost some money or your hero has been altered in any way, comment below and I'll let the moderators know and we'll try our best to fix this XD
TILL NEXT TIME HEROES :D Stay smart online!! ~Lillia

New Author!.. Brandon!

Hey its Brandon here!!!! Lillia invited me to post on this awesome blog! How COOL is that! So I just wanna give a BIG shout out to Lillia on making me an author! So Lillia   

You guys are probably wondering how I look like on SHU! Here is my player card (I will update the player card if it has changed) and my icon made by Lillia:
So I will be posting nearly everyday all about SHU like incoming parties, Hacker alerts etc.
Thanks Lillia!

Promotions for Exclusive Trading Cards!

YO YO heroes! Lillia here, with some awesome news! 
So I was on SHU today, for the first time in ages, and when I logged out I found something REALLY awesome! Check this out:
Basically it's a promotion for Space Heroes Trading cards :D AND, best of all, the cards come with promo codes that give you EXCLUSIVE items like those seen in the pic above! Cool huh? To see more of the free items you can obtain click HERE :) I also found that the SHU mods sent us another promotion by email :D If you're looking for these trading cards in stores, here's what you look for! 
At the moment, Trading cards are only avaliable in News Agents stores across Australia. I CAN assure you  guys that they'll soon be released in many other countries soon too, so get excited! Comment if you guys have seen any of these in stores yet, and what you think about this!
Hope to catch you guys online :D ~Lillia